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LogicomUSA's Regulatory Compliance department understands the ongoing compliance, regulatory examination, and enforcement process, expectations, and pressures for service providers of all types operating in the voice, broadband and video industries. We offer a comprehensive suite of regulatory compliance and monitoring services designed to help your organization with federal and state regulatory compliance, protecting your organization, your employees and your subscribers while also preventing regulatory scrutiny, fraud, identity theft, data breach and FCC or State enforcement actions.

Regulatory Compliance: Services and Products

Our Regulatory Compliance Team specializes in both federal and state voice, broadband, and video regulatory compliance. We provide the expertise and resources required so that you can confidently compete knowing you are mitigating risk, focusing on community service and maximizing service benefits to your subscribers. We customize the service to your service area, product set and level of support required. This service includes a monthly filing reminder with required action items and the listed federal and state filings due that month, all for a fixed fee.


Our two most popular service offerings:

Filing Reminders

Filing Reminder Only Service

Includes provision of an annual compliance calendar, monthly filing reminders with required action items, and inclusive of the federal and state filings due that month.

Full Compliance Service

Full Compliance Service

Includes provision of the annual calendar, the monthly reminders, and federal and state filings on your behalf.

Additional Services Available Stand Alone or Packaged with Our Regulatory Compliance Service:

  • Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) Status acquisition (Federal or State) and subsequent filing support

  • Assistance standing up USAC/Federal support programs, ex. EBB/ACP or Lifeline

  • Acquire USAC IDs to meet Grant obligations and USAC 499/498 compliance

  • Robocall and STIR SHAKEN plan development and required compliance filings

  • Required internal & external voice, broadband and/or voice policies inclusive of subscriber education materials. Don't reinvent the wheel. We provide the templates and customize them to meet your product set and subscriber base.

  • Vendor and subscriber tax exemption form management
  • Bill presentation, taxes, fees and surcharge compliance. We will work with your billing partner to ensure compliance including FCC Truth-in-Billing requirements and the new broadband labelling compliance

  • State authority or certification applications/registration

  • Interconnection agreements

  • Alternative tandem arrangements

  • Industry code acquisition, OCN, SPID, and CLLI

  • Telephone number acquisition

  • Pole attachment agreements

  • and more

Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program Assistance

Participation in funding programs like BEAD require understanding of compliance obligations. You should be considering these requirements before, during, and after winners are announced and planning accordingly. We have a level of funding program expertise that enables us to walk beside you, and no matter where you are in the program process, we are able to support you. We are here to create, on a calendar basis, a compliance solution specific to your funding scenario. Don’t wait until the first funding check arrives. Let’s plan for your success today.


"One of the services we found we needed as we started getting government money was Regulatory Compliance. We haven't had any issues with any of our filings and LogicomUSA has been prompt in giving us information about upcoming legislature. Recently, we got some information from LogicomUSA's regulatory compliance team about the broadband labels that are coming out. LogicomUSA proactively went and developed the label for us, told us about how it could impact us, set up meetings, reviewed it with us, and got out in front of that so we don't have to worry about it much."


Daniel Watson

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