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Valued Partnerships

When your project is successful, we are successful. Our partners trust us to provide top tier technology and practical solutions designed to minimize costs and time without compromising quality. We stand behind our work. We stand behind our partners.

Ace Logo

In the summer of 1934, The Corinth Experiment led the way in the development of rural America. Now ACE, the first electric cooperative in the country, is once again in the lead driving innovation and economic development in Alcorn County with the introduction of high-speed, fiber-optic internet to our homes and businesses.

AES logo

As a community-owned and operated network, Auburn Essential Services (AES) offer Internet, data network, voice and data center co-location services, and TV to businesses in Auburn. This is all delivered with crystal-clear clarity and reliability via a fiber optic network capable of delivering up to 1 Gigabit (gig) wire speeds. Standard Internet service offerings range from 30 megabits per second (MBPS) to 1 gig, with higher speeds available upon request. 

blueriver logo

Blueriver is a full service Internet Service Provider that has been serving Southern Indiana since 1995. While remaining small enough to give that extra attention to detail, Blueriver possesses the expertise and resources to accommodate any Internet need. From small peer to peer LANs to the largest WANs, Blueriver has the expertise to handle most of every networking situation. 

BrightRidge Broadband logo

BrightRidge is your local, not-for-profit public utility.  Known as Johnson City Power Board (JCPB) since 1945, changing their name was considered by key stakeholders for several years prior to the actual change. Despite their new name, BrightRidge is the same company, but with a new, innovative vision and additional program and service offerings. 

buzz broadband logo

Buzz Broadband is bringing fast, reliable fiber broadband to homes and businesses in the Covington Electric Cooperative service area, making it possible for many in the area to get a dependable internet connection. This state-of-the-art fiber connection is helping to improve how locals work, learn, enjoy entertainment and more. Buzz Broadband is a wholly owned subsidiary of CEC and was created to benefit the membership, local communities and the electric grid. 

CAEC logo

Central Alabama Electric Cooperative is a not for profit, member-owned electric distribution utility serving more than 46,000 meters in a 10-county area of central Alabama just north of Montgomery.  The cooperative is a $334 million company with 6,000 miles of electric distribution line and 2,000 miles of fiber line serviced by over 160 employees.  

city of albany logo

Incorporated in 1838, Nelson Tift founded the city and named it after the capital of New York.  It is the hub of Southwest Georgia for culture, shopping, education, healthcare, and recreation. 

city of sylvester logo

Located in the heart of Southwest Georgia, Sylvester is a laid back, charming southern city with the heart of a progressive, vibrant community. 

connect2first logo

In 1937, their mission was to improve quality of life and drive the initiative to be the first electric cooperative in Arkansas and bring safe electrical power to rural areas. That mission still drives First Electric as they continue to deliver reliable, affordable services to our members. 

coosa valley technologies logo

Since its founding in 1939, Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative has focused on providing excellent service. Coosa Valley Technologies began bringing faster broadband and better service to all members since partnering with LogicomUSA. 

erwinutilities logo

Erwin Utilities Authority started from humble beginnings in 1945 with one service and eight full-time employees to four departments, five services, and 57 full-time employees. Over 75 years later, their work still enhances modern life and drives local economic development. 

GEA logo

On March 30, 1945, the Greeneville Board of Mayor and Alderman agreed to purchase East Tennessee Light and Power Company, thus creating the Greeneville Light & Power System, a Municipal Power Distributor. Greeneville Light & Power System began providing electricity to Greene County, Tennessee in 1945. By the 1950's, the convenience of electricity had been extended into their rural areas. In July 2019, Greeneville Light and Power officially became the Greeneville Energy Authority to position themselves to offer broadband services. 

GEUS logo

The City of Greenville has produced electric power continuously since 1891 and GEUS is the oldest of the 72 municipally owned utilities in Texas. Today, GEUS is proud to be a public power, community-owned electric utility that serves our hometown community with over 16,600 electric customers and over 5,000 cable and Internet customers.

highland logo

Highland, Illinois is one of the oldest Swiss settlements in the United States. It was founded in 1831 by Swiss pioneers from Sursee, Switzerland. They’re known for their cutting-edge technology with 128 miles of municipally owned fiber optic cable and gigabit internet speeds. Many smaller businesses also call Highland, Illinois home, offering a diversity of products and services usually only found in larger cities. Highland has a long history of being a progressive municipality, successfully blending industry within a small-town atmosphere. There are more than thirty social/service organizations in Highland, each with an active membership.  

hilight logo

HiLight is currently available in the neighborhoods immediately around Shute Park in the Southwest area of Hillsboro. This area currently has the lowest broadband connectivity rates in Hillsboro. As part of the development of the South Hillsboro neighborhood, the fiber optic network will continue to be constructed as roads and homes are built.   

holston connect logo

Just like Holston Electric Cooperative (HEC), Holston Connect is not-for-profit and a wholly owned subsidiary of HEC that was formed in 2017 to provide advanced communication solutions like high-speed internet, telephone and television programming through a broadband fiber network to members in Hawkins and Hamblen counties. 

igo logo

iGo Technology is a local wireless, fiber optic, and telephone service provider offering services to 68 zip codes in Southwest Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, and surrounding areas. iGo offers business and residential Internet service plans tailored to individual customer preferences and needs. Simple, fast, and affordable high-speed Internet service is available through each of the plans offered. 

JEA logo

As a customer-owned utility, Jackson Energy Authority combines utilities and broadband services with a hometown feel to provide unmatched service that their community can count on now and in the future.  From the highly visible utility and telecommunications services to the diverse array of less visible but equally important philanthropic efforts, JEA works to ensure that services are in place to meet their current and future needs. Unmatched customer service paired with the strength of their diversity in services and commitment to community has enabled them to maintain their mission: “to create value for our customers and help improve the quality of life in our community.” 

joe wheeler emc logo

Joe Wheeler EMC is committed to providing efficient, reliable utility services that enhance the lives and businesses and exceed the expectations of members and customers in Lawrence/Morgan Counties and surrounding communities. Operations began on October 1, 1937, with only 190 miles of line and 900 members. Today JWEMC is the fourth largest electric co-op in Alabama, with more than 4,200 miles of line, serving more than 43,000 meters. 

KUB logo

Knoxville Utilities Board was created by an amendment to the Knoxville City Charter in 1939. As an independent agency of the City of Knoxville, KUB provides electric, fiber, natural gas, water, and wastewater services to more than 486,000 customers in Knoxville and parts of seven surrounding counties. KUB believes utility service should be so reliable that customers can take it for granted, and they work hard to maintain such reliability. Knoxville Utilities Board began serving broadband to their community in the fall of 2022. Upon full fiber deployment, KUB will own and operate the largest municipally owned FTTH network in the country. 

LCUB logo

LCUB was formed in 1938, when Lenoir City signed a contract with the fledgeling Tennessee Valley Authority to offer TVA-supplied electricity to its residents and businesses. The tiny electric department had four employees and 317 customers. By the mid-1940s, LCUB’s services expanded to include water and sewer under the authority of a newly created Water and Light Commission with citizen oversight. Today, they provide approximately 65,430 electric customers in a four-county service region, plus 9,005 water customers, 6,277 natural gas customers and 5,362 wastewater customers, making LCUB the eighth largest utility among the 154 TVA distributors. 


MCTV “goes the extra smile” for its customers, adding high‑touch service to high‑tech telecommunications. Since 1965, MCTV’s 165+ local employees have been serving their neighbors with a full complement of advanced broadband products for home and business, including High‑Speed Internet, Digital TV, Phone, television advertising, dedicated fiber optic connections and security systems. Approximately 60,000 homes and businesses across eastern Ohio and West Virginia rely on MCTV for their telecommunications needs.

MLConnect logo

Formed in 1939, MLEC has a rich history of commitment and progress that goes beyond the wires of electricity. It's what electric co-ops do. Electric co-ops serve more than 2.5 million Tennesseans, 71 percent of the state and 84 of the state’s 95 counties. Co-ops keep the lights on 99.96 percent of the time and provide career opportunities to more than 2,400 Tennesseans. Co-ops pay some $63 million in taxes and have awarded more than $39 million in USDA loans and grants to recruit and retain rural jobs.

MINET logo

MINET, short for Monmouth Independence Network, is a municipally owned fiber to the home provider of data and voice services in Polk County Oregon. In response to the incumbent providers’ refusal to upgrade aging infrastructure and provide adequate services to the community, MINET was formed in 2004 as an ORS190 through an Intergovernmental Agreement between the cities of Monmouth and Independence.  

morristown utilities logo

Morristown Utilities (MU) has a rich legacy in providing essential services in its role as the utility arm of the City of Morristown. From Electric to Water to Telecom to Wastewater, MU has committed to the best assets that provide long-term reliability with the utmost responsibility for services to the citizens and businesses of Morristown. 

MuniNet Fiber Agency logo

Headquartered in Paducah, Kentucky, Muninet provides a publically owned fiber optic network providing broadband backbone and enterprise services to multiple different Electric Utility providers in Western Kentucky.  

murray electric systems logo

Murray Electric Systems mission values customers by emphasizing, “We will serve our customers with competitively priced, reliable electric and telecommunications service. We will provide additional services that allow customers to enjoy the full benefits of municipal ownership.” 

new hope telephone cooperative logo

New Hope Telephone Cooperative have been serving their communities’ communications needs for 70 years. They offer Broadband Internet, advanced Wi-Fi, and telephone services via a state-of-the-art fiber optic network. They also offer peace of mind and home automation with NHTC Security Solutions and convenient mobile medical alert with MobiPro.  

newport utilities logo

In 1940, Newport Utilities started out as an electrical company. That’s when the City of Newport purchased the electrical system from the Tennessee Valley Authority. Since then, Newport Utilities has expanded to provide the very best water delivery, wastewater treatment, and, most recently, Internet, TV and phone services. 

NAE Coop logo

On March 11, 1940, the first office of NAEC was opened. During the first year of service the Cooperative grew to 1,026 members and 126 miles of line. The next 10 years saw the largest percentage of growth to date - 5,229 customers and 802 miles of line. Today there are more than 18,800 members and 2,288 miles of line. 

nt spark logo

NT Spark's Fiber Network is constructed along the Natchez Trace Electric Power Association "footprint." Offering fiber internet and phone services for personal and business use, NT Spark provides local support from a trusted cooperative. 

ozarksgo logo

OzarksGo is a telecommunications subsidiary of Ozarks Electric Cooperative, offering all-fiber gigabit Internet and premium television and telephone services to Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma. Like they did with electricity in 1938, they are going to provide real, affordable broadband to Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma.  

paducah power system logo

Serving approximately 22,500 customers, Paducah Power System has been bringing public power to the citizens of Paducah/McCracken County since September 1, 1961. The municipal system generates wholesale power at the Prairie State Energy Campus in Washington County, Illinois and peaking power at its generation plant. The power is distributed through 10 substations scattered throughout the PPS service territory. The system contains 800 miles of distribution line, including a fiber optic network that serves as a backbone for area internet providers. 

pea river electric cooperative logo

Over 80 years ago, people just like you worked together to form the beginnings of Pea River Electric Cooperative. From that original date of organization in August of 1938 to the day the first lines were energized in June of 1939, Pea River Electric has continued to grow and serve the needs of the people living in this area.  Their membership fee has remained at $5.00 since the first day.  Presently, they serve over 19,000 active accounts along close to 3,000 miles of electric distribution lines in three counties in southeast Alabama. 

Prentiss Connect logo

As one of the first electric cooperatives in the TVA area, PCEPA stepped up to meet the broadband needs of their customers in April 2020. Prentiss Connect was the first cooperative in Tennessee to complete their main fiber line. They want everyone in their communities to reach their full potential. They work hard daily to help answer questions and help customers learn more about just what a life changer and community changer high speed Fiber Internet access brings. 


Eighty years after Lynches River Electric Cooperative was formed to bring electricity to rural communities, RiverNet Connect was born to begin providing high-speed fiber internet. They believe every house and every dirt road in community deserves access to high-quality internet. 

sandynet logo

Nestled at the base of Mount Hood, the City of Sandy has a population of about 13,000 and is the commercial center of a rural area with a population of more than 42,000. 


Singing River Electric Power Association is an electric distribution cooperative serving over 70,500 members in southeast Mississippi. They maintain nearly 7,000 miles of line in Jackson, George, Greene, Harrison, Perry, Stone and Wayne counties in Mississippi as well as Mobile and Washington counties in Alabama.

Sprout Fiber internet logo

Cullman Electric launched Sprout Fiber Internet to connect its electric system to a world-class fiber-optic network. Phase 1 has been successful and we are working on bringing Sprout Fiber Internet to 10 additional areas in 2022. 

SVEC logo

Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative was the first electric cooperative in the state of Tennessee to light a home, and in July 2018, they began offering broadband services to their customers. Like LogicomUSA, SVE Connect is driven on excellent customer service. 


Technology for Rural America (TFRA) was formed to address the resource gap many local government bodies face when it comes to broadband infrastructure planning and enablement. Today, we provide the expertise to help our clients evaluate and choose the most capable providers and technologies capable of building networks that meet the unique needs and growth strategies of their markets.

TVIfiber logo

TVI Fiber partnered with LogicomUSA to meet regulatory demands and easy integrations in February 2020. They were the first cooperative in Mississippi to launch a FTTH project and continue to grow and meet the needs of their community. 

Tishomingo Logo

In 2019, Mississippi state legislature allowed electric cooperatives to serve broadband to their members. Realizing the digital divide, Tishomingo Connect began serving broadband to their unserved community in 2021 and are on track to serve all of their electric members with world-class broadband. 

tombigbee logo

Tombigbee Communications is proud to partner with LogicomUSA. They provide 24/7 superior Tier 1 technical support for our services. They are prepared and ready to assist any problem that may arise with your internet or your phone services. 

velocity broadband logo

As one of Ohio's first Gigabit cities, Hudson offers symmetrical high-speed, 100% fiber-optic broadband and voice services to their local businesses. With faster, more reliable, and affordable internet and voice services, they empower their local businesses to compete in today's high-speed, data-driven world.   


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