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Network Services

Advanced Network Architecture and Maintenance

The revolutionary partner program that transforms your infrastructure and takes your communications service provider network to the next level. LogicomUSA Network Services is the cutting-edge solution you’ve been waiting for. It provides comprehensive network discovery, security analysis, and optimization, ensuring your network is always performing at its best. With LogicomUSA, you can design and configure your network for scalability, ensuring it can accommodate future growth.

Why choose LogicomUSA Network Services?

The benefits of LogicomUSA Network Services are immense. You will experience increased network performance, improved network security, and reduced costs associated with network downtime and maintenance. LogicomUSA also utilizes network visualization tools and comprehensive reporting, allowing you to view your network infrastructure in a graphical format and track performance metrics.


Network Services Features:

Comprehensive network discovery
Security analysis and optimization
Increased network performance
Network design and configuration for scalability
Improved network security
Network visualization tools
Network operations monitoring
Reduced costs associated with network downtime and maintenance
Comprehensive reporting

LogicomUSA Network Services offers Network Operations monitoring, which allows service providers to proactively monitor their network and quickly identify and resolve issues before they become critical. This feature provides real-time alerts, network topology mapping, and performance analytics, giving service providers complete visibility into their network operations. With Network Operations monitoring, service providers can improve network uptime, reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). and enhance their overall network performance.



"The LogicomUSA's network services team helps us manage and maintain all aspects of our network. They also designed our network to be robust and scale growth. One of the most import things they do for us is provide support for me. When I call, they answer the phone, 24 hours a day. I sleep much better knowing I have a network services team on my side."

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