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A Superior Customer Support Experience

  When it comes to technical support, reliable broadband service is more important than ever. This means providing an exceptional broadband experience for your customers is essential. The level of technical support you ofter is one key way to differentiate your service from your competitors.

Why choose the LogicomUSA Contact Center?

When your members have technical support issues, there is no one better to answer the call than the LogicomUSA Contact Center!

At LogicomUSA, we don't charge by the minute or number of tickets handled. This allows our Contact Center to focus on reducing the number of times members need to call in by effectively and proactively troubleshooting customer and network issues. Our mission is to ensure that our service provider partners receive the best possible technical support experience, and we take great pride in our reputation for exceptional customer service.


Unlike many of our competitors, our Contact Center is staffed by real humans, not an impersonal IVR system.

Our technicians are available 24/7 to provide exceptional remote technical support to service providers and their members.

We pride ourselves on our impressive One Call Resolution rate of over 87%, meaning that if your members call in, over 87% of the issues will be resolved on their first call.

Almost 80% of non-physical issues are resolved at the Tier 1 level, making our Contact Center experience more efficient and effective for service providers and their members.

Compared to our competitors, LogicomUSA's Contact Center offers a differentiated service that focuses on delivering a superior technical support experience. Our structure and approach to technical support are designed with service providers and their members in mind. We understand that technical issues can be a major source of frustration for service provider customers, and we are dedicated to making the technical support process as seamless and efficient as possible.

Other Tier 1 Service Providers:

  • Customer filters through an IVR designed to off-load human interactions

  • Customer makes it to Tier 1

  • Tier 1 representative reboots the ISP equipment

  • If issue is not resolved, customer goes back into a holding queue for Tier 2 and beyond

LogicomUSA Contact Center Experience:

  • Calls are answered by a real human instead of an IVR

  • LogicomUSA Contact Center technicians answer the call, troubleshoot, and resolve any issues that can be resolved remotely

  • Other tiers of support are only necessary for on-site and 
    network issues

Integrated Interactive Knowledge Base


Custom Contact
Center Platform

We offer an integrated interactive knowledge base and custom contact center platform. These tools enable us to act more efficiently and provide our service provider partners with even faster and more effective support. As part of the custom contact center platform, LogicomUSA has launched a brand new offering: Bring Your Own Agent (BYOA). BYOA is a transformative platform that allows LogicomUSA broadband communications providers the ultimate freedom: the liberty to scale, customize, and provide exceptional service on their terms. Our partners are able to provide their own agents working within the same system as LogicomUSA agents. It presents a seamless integration of ticketing, call center capabilities, analytics, and more, all under a single, intuitive platform.


"We had a large tornado come through the center of our service area on Jan 12, 2023, at one point we had over 3,000 internet customers with no service due to power outages and fiber cuts. LogicomUSA's contact center had a quick response and we were able to provide an outgoing message to our customers. Throughout the next week the contact center worked with us to keep our customers updated and handled all additional tech support calls, which allowed us the necessary time to restore all our customers."


Nate Merrell
Central Access

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