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The Revolution in Customer Support Experience

Image a world where every touchpoint in customer service is not just a transaction, but an experience, a journey. LogicomUSA proudly presents "Bring Your own Agent" (BYOA), redefining the standards of technical support in the broadband communications industry.

Provide Exceptional Services on Your Terms

While our competitors remain trapped in the old paradigms of impersonal support, LogicomUSA has broken the mold. BYOA is not just another service; it's an ethos, a tool that enables a partnership of unmatched depth. This transformative platform allows our broadband communications providers the ultimate freedom: the liberty to scale, customize, and provide exceptional service on their terms.

Key Features:

Customizations Reigns Supreme:
Tailor the 'journey of a ticket' to mirror the unique needs of every broadband communications provider. Crafted in collaboration, these customizable flows ensure consistency in troubleshooting across the board.

Unparalleled Adaptability:
With AI support, intelligent scheduling, and seamless integration between ticketing and call center systems, BYOA is the answer to dynamic scalability demands.

Data Integrity and Trust:
In a digital age where date security is paramount, our unwavering commitment to CPNI compliance ensure every piece of information is shielded with utmost diligence.

Empowering Partnerships:
The BYOA platform is the bridge, enabling broadband communications providers to harness the prowess of our world-class contact center team, known for its unparalleled live answer support.

Dive deeper into the world of BYOA to discover:

Cost Efficiency Meets Quality:
The unique structure of BYOA empowers broadband communications providers to strike the perfect balance between cost management and outstanding service delivery.

Always On, Always Ready:
Whether it's in-house agents or LogicomUSA's dedicated team, expect round-the-clock support ensuring every customer feels heard, valued, and understood.

The Power of One:
A seamless integration of ticketing, call center capabilities, analytics, and more, all under a single, intuitive platform.

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